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Algerian Teachers and Prisoners of Conscience

The women of the independent national trade union of public administration employees in Algeria, Femmes SNAPAP, are calling for the immediate release of Dalila Touat and Namia Abdelkader, both teachers and both prisoners of conscience.

Since the mass protests denouncing pervasive corruption in Algeria – also called the Hirak Movement – and the protests following the December presidential election, repression has intensified, sparing no one, including trade unionists.

Jordan Dissolves Teacher's Union, Jails Union Leaders

On 25 July last year, leaders of the Jordanian teachers union were jailed. The Education International, uniting teachers from all over the world, launched a global protest including an online campaign on LabourStart. On 23 August, the teachers' leaders were freed from jail -- because Jordanian law allowed them to be held for just 30 days.

Four months later, things have gotten much worse.

On 31 December, the Amman Magistrate's Court authorised the dissolution of the teachers union, and the detention of all 13 union board members for a year.

Farewell Michael Smith

Michael chose the introductory music to Anarchist World This Week (AWTW) over 20 years ago, he was also the producer of AWTW for a number of years. Michael was an indispensable presence at the Reclaim the Radical Spirit of the Eureka Rebellion Celebrations’ live broadcast from Ballarat at 4:00am on the 3rd December, for over a decade.

He also did a number of outside broadcasts for Talkback with Attitude over the years. Michael Smith was an integral part of many of the programs I’ve been involved with at 3CR Community Radio

Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Commemoration

On behalf of the Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner Commemoration Committee I would like to invite you to attend the annual Commemoration to mark the 179th Anniversary of the execution of the two indigenous freedom fighters Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner. These two men were executed in Melbourne for having the audacity to resist the British colonisation of their lands and the destruction of their people and their way of life.

Ukraine: Three Years of Unpaid Wages

All over the world, working people are suffering due to the global pandemic and economic crisis. Many have lost their jobs. Many businesses are failing.

But not all these problems are being caused by Covid.

We've received an appeal for help from workers in Ukraine who have not received their wages for more than three YEARS.

And the business that employs them - KVARSYT - is state-owned.

According to Ukraine's constitution, every worker must be paid for their work.

A Good Year for Scott Morrison

There are a lot of people in the media saying that Scott Morrison has had a good year. And I couldn't agree more.

This year the prime minister buggered off to Hawaii during our worst bushfires on record, eventually responding with enforced handshakes, empty platitudes and dragging his feet on relief funding. He's taken no action on addressing climate change which will make the next bushfires even more devastating.

The Younger Dryas period

As we prepare to enter the next phase of the fight against climate change -- the phase in which we actually start to do something, on the federal and international levels, with real money and real emissions reductions -- it's worth thinking about what happened the last time humanity went through a period of rapid climate change, which was the Younger Dryas period.

Divided Australia

Why do we have the disability of poverty and inequality in Australia, a resource-rich country of 25 million people whose resources and agricultural land feed hundreds of millions of people around the world?

Australian society is based on divisions. Unlike horse racing, where the best horses are handicapped so an outside horse stands a chance of winning, in Australian society we handicap those with the least amount of resources and chances. This starts from birth and continues through to education where billions of taxpayers’ dollars are poured into private education.

Kyrgyzstan: Time to respect workers' rights - stop anti-union attacks

Kyrgyzstan is a small, mountainous and landlocked country in Central Asia. Fewer than seven million people live there. It is rarely mentioned on global news platforms.

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories

Three years: 1914, 1994 and 2020. They are interlinked. They highlight the stupidity, the ignorance and the dangers associated with the sale of public assets to the private sector.


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