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Belarus: Trade union activity is not extremism!

In partnership with the Association Salidarnast, which was founded in Bremen by Belarusian trade union activists, who left Belarus for security reasons. The organization was created to support those trade union activists who had been arrested and convicted by the Lukashenko regime. The Association Salidarnast provides humanitarian, legal and informational assistance to these people and their families; and encourages everyone to join the struggle for the release of political prisoners.

Anti-union repression continues in Algeria

The Algerian Government continues to repress citizens who try to exercise their basic civil and political rights, including union members and leaders. As part of the increasing repression of all forms of democratic activity, independent trade unionists are relentlessly harassed, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

A Bad Version of MMT

There is a barely noticeable meme making the grounds that promotes the virtues of Modern Monetary Theory. As with other low-quality memes, it's basically a text screen saved as an image which, of course, sends anyone who knows even a modicum of systems programming into exasperation about levels of computer illiteracy. But what is also frustrating is the astounding ignorance of monetary theory.

ChatGPT: How to we end the inequality of power and wealth in the world?

Ending the inequality of power and wealth in the world is a complex and challenging task that will require a multi-faceted approach. Here are some potential solutions:

Promote economic policies that reduce inequality: Progressive taxation, minimum wage laws, and other policies that redistribute wealth can help reduce economic inequality.

Notes on Strategy Submarines & Drones

I wonder if we would need a substantial, almost the same amount spent on drones, as with Subs (needs to be costed ~ might be significantly cheaper) to protect Australia & the submarines. With Australia's unique geography & large expanse of water, drones to take out battleships and aircraft carriers and submarines make sense. It is questionable how long submarines will last, especially without drone support. In the old days if a submarine gave off a ping a battleship would need to check out the ping & both vehicles would be aiming at each other.

Market Inefficiencies

by Pyotr Malatesta

There are several circumstances in which markets are inefficient and fail to allocate resources optimally.
One of the most significant inefficiencies of markets is market failure. Market failure occurs when markets fail to allocate resources efficiently, resulting in an inefficient allocation of resources. This can happen for several reasons, including externalities, public goods, and market power.

IKEA has dismissed the leader of the trade union representing its workers in Poland.

Dariusz Kawka, a leader of NSZZ "Solidarność", was sacked on disciplinary grounds -- in breach of the law. His union activity means that the union needed to be consulted before the company could fire him. That did not happen. The State Labour Inspectorate has confirmed that the sacking of Darius was a gross violation of Polish labour law.

Please take a moment to support the union in its fight to get Darius reinstated. Tell IKEA that it must respect workers' rights -- and the law.

Israel's dysfunctional politics pose a direct threat to the future of the state

Between 2003 and 2015 there were five national elections in Israel. That number is not unusual for a parliamentary democracy, where who forms government is decided by which party or coalition of parties can command a majority in the legislature, while states that use a presidential system tend to have longer, fixed terms. However between 2019 and 2022 Israel also had five elections, including two in 2019 separated by just five months. The most recent election, in November 2022, produced yet another weak and fractious six party coalition that seems unlikely to last.

Economic Resource Allocation from ChatGPT

Q: What would be some ways that economic resources could be harnessed to make quality of life better for all?

A: Investment in infrastructure: Economic resources could be used to invest in and improve infrastructure such as roads, public transportation, and access to clean water and electricity, which can greatly improve the quality of life for all members of a community.

The Anti-STEM Party

Tony Abbott (2011): "It's actually pretty hard to do this [implement a price on CO2] because carbon dioxide is invisible and it's weightless and you can't smell it"


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