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Torture of Asylum Seekers

Upon arrival at Christmas Is asylum seekers, usually still covered in shit, piss and vomit after their time at sea, are lined up and all prosthetic limbs, hearing aids and glasses are confiscated and destroyed. They are not replaced. Women in detention are denied sanitary products.

On Nauru people are detained indefinitely in crowded, rat infested, dirt pens with temperatures around 45 degrees, regardless of age, health or mental status. Women give birth it these conditions, several have miscarried. Conditions are worse on Manus Is where water is rationed to 500 ml per person per day.

Asylum seekers are addressed by staff using their boat arrival numbers instead of their names, babies born in detention are tagged likewise. Medical experts claim that mandatory detention has a devastating impact on mental health, especial on the 1,400 children held in these conditions. The UN has described Australia's treatment of asylum seekers as "violating prohibitions on torture". So...

What would you like to do to them next Australia?

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