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Team Australia's mascot

The Mackay branch of Australia’s foremost neo-fascist organisation and potential future Coalition partner, Reclaim Australia, is happy to announce their guest speaker this Saturday will be none other than LNP parliamentarian, Team Australia mascot and chief spokesperson on government hypocrisy George ‘the Moose’ Christensen.

George knows better than most what it’s like to miss out on the opportunities this once great nation had to offer, before it was ruined by immigrants. Forced to make do with a job he is clearly not qualified to do, George, like many government MPs, is struggling to make ends meet on a meagre taxpayer-funded wage of $200,000 per annum plus expenses while sitting on the backbench working his fingers to the bone tweeting insesant gibberish about welfare recipients living it up at the taxpayers’ expense.

George longs for the good old days. When entitlements were just for the entitled. When backbenchers like him could make a living by just sitting on their arses, rather than having to occasionally tweet something to prove that they still have a pulse. A simpler, happier time when Australia was for Australians like George, not immigrants. The sort of country Australia was when George’s grandparents were encouraged to migrate here from Denmark.

Good luck on Saturday George. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to Mackay this weekend to witness what will no doubt be a Nurembergesque performance, but rest assured, you have my sincerest wishes that this nation one day gives you the sort of treatment you so thoroughly deserve.

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