Sued for incompetence?

The Federal Environment minister is pushing legislation through parliament to protect himself from potential legal action for failing to ignore environmental advice before approving mining projects. As if suing this inept jerk is going to repair the Barrier Reef!

If you ask me he's being a bit over cautious. Do they think Hockey will be sued for lying about record debt under the last government then doubling it in his first week? Or Morrison for not stopping the boats but buying more of them? Or Abbott for declaring Australia is open for business, then allowing the entire national motor industry to fold and creating the highest unemployment rate since he was Employment minister in 2003?

Hell, Peter Costello sold two thirds of Australia's gold reserves in 1997 because he believed the gold price had peaked. Today that gold is worth five times more. That decision cost Australia $6 billion dollars and people still talk about what a great Treasurer he was.

Suing Abbott government ministers for being crap at their job? There aren't enough lawyers in the country.

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