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Peter O'Neill's Lecturing

Before the PNG Prime minister Peter O'Neill lectures us on the legitimacy of asylum seekers in detention in his country, here is some background on the man:

O'Neill became PM under questionable circumstances in 2011. His appointment was ruled illegal by the PNG Supreme Court. In 2014, when a corruption watchdog found out that O'Neill allegedly expropriated $31 million of public funds, they issued a warrant for his arrest. O'Neill shut down that watchdog and sacked the police chief of operations and several deputy police commissioners. The warrant remains outstanding.

According to the UN convention against corruption PNG scores 2.5 on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean). In terms of combating corruption PNG is ranked 150th out of 176 nations. Since the re-opening of Manus Island detention centre Australian aid to PNG has increased significantly. While foreign aid was slashed in the last Federal budget, aid to PNG was increased by $57.7 million to $577.1 million. Most of that money is not accounted for.

Now, what were you saying about asylum seekers Peter?

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