Ostracised billionaires

Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing a billionaire say they feel ostracised from society.

With little more to live on than a billion dollar fortune, unfettered access to the best food, medicine and services available on the planet, a political party devoted to cutting his taxes and reducing his employees' wages and a global media empire committed to defending his interests and preserving his privileged status Ken Langone has now had to endure the indignity of listening to Pope Francis talk about the plight of poor people.

The audacity of Pope's comments have forced Langone to concede that he may have to stop
donating to charity if the Pope continues to criticise capitalism and income inequality. Langdone, who regularly publicises his anonymous contributions to charity has said that the Pope's statements make rich people "incapable of feeling compassion for the poor".
Obviously someone offended by the Catholic Church caring for those in need must have felt a lot of compassion for the poor beforehand.


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