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A New Work of Fiction

Canberra's fish in a barrel, Christopher Pyne, is writing a book. The fixer will be penning his memoirs in a format best suited to his political style, a children's book. The rivetingly titled "A Letter to my Children" is the education minister's first attempt at writing a book, as well as his first attempt at paying attention to school kids, albeit his own. If he manages to read it to them all the way through, that'll be a first as well.

The publisher's blurb claims Pyne's book will explore why "seemingly intelligent men and woman leave their families to spend more than half the year travelling to Canberra". Whether or not it explains why he does so as well is not mentioned in the blurb, but it does go on to say:

"This is one politician’s attempt to explain to his four children the example of intergenerational public service set by his own father that inspired him to pursue a career in politics".

It is hoped that the example of Pyne's political career will inspire his own children to provide a bit of public service themselves and stay the Hell out of politics, or at least learn from the mistakes Pyne's father made and not have any children of their own.

Despite omitting Pyne's greatest achievement, replacing Alexander Downer as the most obnoxious shit to come out of South Australia, the budding author claims his book lists a raft of achievements in his portfolio over the past 18 months, so it looks like it will be a fictional account.

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