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Much like a cockroach

In a rare display of effort, Immigration Minister Peter ‘Spud’ Dutton has proven that the Abbott government is much like a cockroach. You can remove the head but it still keeps on living. Once again demonstrating his complete inability to grasp the concept of irony, the Spud today said the government will not be bullied into watering down its policy on asylum seekers. As the cliché goes: attack is the best form of defence, and when you have an intellect as stunted as Dutton’s, a cliché is about the most complex concept you can grasp.

In this case the bullies are Amnesty International, well known for coercing poor defenceless dictatorships, violent regimes and other heroes of the Spud. Refusing to be intimidated by accusations of paying people smugglers, brutalising rape victims and child abuse, Dutton has vowed to continue doing what he does best – bugger all.

Despite clearly being one of the Turnbull cabinet’s charity cases (and potential future fall guy if voters ever decide to start judging Turnbull on his ability to do anything other than not be Tony Abbott) Dutton has managed to hold down a real job in the past. As a former Queensland cop Dutton presumably demonstrated his credentials as a future Immigration minister with his skill at wielding the phonebook back at the station. Is it any wonder his constituents decided to send him to Canberra?

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