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Millennials V Baby Boomers

I find the whole Millennials V Baby Boomers thing just another iteration of the divide and conquer strategy of making people fight over their perceived differences instead of working together to achieve their actual common interests.

It’s been fuelled by a none too subtle strain of propaganda prevalent in both mainstream and social media. The way Millennials are portrayed in the media is nothing short of gaslighting. While the portrayal of Baby Boomers as a bunch of self-absorbed, property hoarding, robber barons who think the world owes them a living, is a cartoonish stereotype.

It’s well worth remembering the lessons learned by previous generations in the last century, that you have a lot more in common with the people you’re fighting than the people who are sending you to fight them.

It’s probably also worth subtly reminding people that there’s an entire fucking generation that exists between the Boomers and Millennials. Hello.