Leadership Squabbles

Worried about no one running the country while the Government squabbles over the leadership?

Worry no more.

Scott Morrison has been appointed to replace Peter Dutton’s as the minister in charge of Border Force, so the country of Nauru will continue running as normal.

With Dutton heading off to the backbench to pad out his CV and assist Tony Abbott with the sniping duties, Morrison has been given the opportunity to return to his favourite pastime of abusing children in Immigration detention.

Morrison, who demonstrated his acute political nous yesterday when he told reporters the PM had Dutton’s full support, takes back the job he handed over to Dutton at the end of 2014.

Morrison is the obvious choice for the role, being the only member of cabinet with the experience, enthusiasm and complete lack of empathy deemed necessary for the job.

Despite the brawling, Australian can expect business as usual when it comes to the all-important job of violating human rights. Of course this will mean Morrison will have little time for his other job.

So until the Liberal party decides who will take them to a crushing defeat at the next election, Australia will be without both a Treasurer and a PM. But hey, priorities.

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