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Imaginary Spears, Imaginary Injuries

With all the recent attention on Adam Goodes and Lewis Jetta regarding the hurling of imaginary spears at opposing fans who have booed Adam Goodes, many people have overlooked the real victims of these events. I refer of course to those who have suffered imaginary injury as a result of those imaginary spears being thrown. Hurling imaginary spears at football fans is a very dangerous imaginary activity and unless the AFL acts soon in stamping out this disturbing trend then it is only a matter of time before they have an imaginary death on their hands.

As some commentators in the media have pointed out, indigenous players celebrating their Aboriginal culture and heritage has no place in this uniquely Australian code. Rather than engaging in war dances, indigenous players should look to more traditional forms of expression in sport, such as sledging, chanting about opposing players being “wankers” or the All Black’s tradition of performing the Hakka before a match.

As Attorney-General George Brandis reminded us, ''people do have a right to be [non-Muslim] bigots”. Yet once again the politically correct brigade is trampling that right by putting the desires of indigenous people to be treated with respect and dignity ahead of the right of some people to behave like racist arseholes.

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