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To the Honourable Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition:

Dear Mr Shorten,

You will have no doubt seen the most recent opinion polls which show the Abbott government is quite unpopular at the moment. They show that people are angry at being ripped off by a budget that amounts to little more than the pillaging of public assets by corporate lobbyists and donors.

Now I've been hearing you say a lot that Tony Abbott has broken his promises. In fact I've heard nothing else from the Opposition in response to this atrocious budget. Well you may also have noticed that the same opinion polls show that 70% of us agree with that statement. So you see we get it. You don't need to keep repeating it, because what those polls don't tell you is that we need to hear something different, something better, something worth voting for. Here are some tips:

The "budget emergency" is bullshit, say so.

The treatment of asylum seekers is cruel, unnecessary and prohibitively expensive, condemn it.
Gonski, the NDIS and the NBN are affordable, achievable and will benefit us all, defend them.

The corporate mugging of Australia is now entrenched and unchecked, fight it.

When your opponent drops the ball you win by picking the ball up and running with it, not by standing there and pointing at your opponent shouting "look everybody, he dropped the ball!"

Pick up the ball and run Mr Shorten. Run like Australia depends on it.

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