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The government's chief performing seal

Thanks to a government hell-bent on destroying the country in its first year and an opposition which needs a week to prepare for question time, parliament predictably descended into chaos last week. Equally predictable was the star performance in this farce being delivered by the government's chief performing seal, Christopher Pyne.

Pyne, using the every day language of a public school boy twat, accused the Opposition of "ungentlemanly" and "rude" conduct. Then in an act of hypocrisy that even Andrew Bolt would baulk at he stated "I don't think anyone has accused me of rudeness". Evidently the man is deaf as well as stupid.

While he was Manager of Opposition business Pyne used suspension motions 54 times during the last parliament, not only was this a new record but it was more than double the previous one. Pyne himself was expelled or suspended from parliament on 45 occasions, which is more than any other member of parliament in its 112 year history.

All this clowning around left Pyne with no time to develop any policies in the 5 years he was shadow education minister, or ask any questions related to education, or read the Gonski report. As education minister he has still not read the report, has squandered the money set aside for the most significant education reforms in 40 years and appointed a pair conservative mates, with track records of mooching off the public purse, to conduct a review into how he can screw over education in the country even further.

It's a waste of time telling this 46 year old spoilt pre-schooler to grow up so instead I'll direct my rant at the voters of Sturt, or at least the 53% of them who decided to keep this worthless, overpaid git in employment last election. Take a good hard look at yourselves people. If you haven't the self respect to elect someone other than the village idiot to represent you at least spare a thought for the 3 million plus school kids whose future this man is relieving himself on. We need educated people to clean up the mess you've made.

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