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Gonski and Pyne Reviews

The Gonski Review:

* Was the most comprehensive review of the Australian education system in 40 years.
* Developed over 5 years.
* Consisted of a bipartisan panel of 5 experts, 3 of whom hold the Order of Australia and another the Australia Medal.
* Received over 7000 submissions, visited 39 schools and consulted 71 education groups.

The Pyne Review:

* Will be conducted over 6 months.
* The panel will consist of 2 people.
* Kevin Donnelly is former chief of staff to Liberal front-bencher Kevin Andrews and a consultant for the Howard government. He also previously worked for the tobacco industry writing a program for schools on peer pleasure which made no mention of smoking. In 2004 he wrote: "many parents would consider homosexuality abnormal behaviour...the reality is that gays, lesbians and same-sex couples with children are a very small minority and such groups do not represent the mainstream.''
* Ken Wiltshire is a professor of business administration at he University of QLD and a regular contributor to News Ltd papers. Following the 2010 election he wrote an opinion piece in which he selectively quoted Edmund Burke arguing that the independents should side with the Coalition. The piece was widely criticised for its intellectual dishonesty.
Both men are opponents of the Gonski reforms and have argued for more religion to be taught in schools. They'd also like school kids to learn about Gallipoli, because apparently not enough Australians know about it.

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