Five steps for coping when the boats start arriving

1. Don't panic...

No one in Australia has lost their home to boat people since colonialism ended.

2. Try not to forget...

The destruction of the Murray-Darling, "once in a lifetime" extreme weather events occuring on a regular basis, the government's love affair with coal, and all the other environmental issues this government refuses to acknowledge, pose a far greater threat to Australia's security than all the asylum seeker boats put together.

3. Spare a thought...

Asylum seekers come here because they are fleeing something awful enough to put their lives at risk to escape from it. They have come here by whatever means available because they want to be part of a society that is fair and peaceful. Which is the same reason most of us are here.

4. If you must blame someone...

Try blaming the government. Despite no longer being in control of Parliament, the government are still in control of the Navy, Border Force, Operation Sovereign Borders, and the budget for boat fuel that they blew just before Christmas.

They're also the only people saying that the Medivac Bill is an incentive for people smugglers despite it not applying to new arrivals. So if boats start arriving because of the Medivac bill, you'll know who they heard it from.

5. Rest assured...

No matter how terrifying the prospect of boats arriving is, it's nothing compared to what the poor bastards on the boats are in for.

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