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Economic migrants

Tony Abbott arrived in Australia from the UK as an assisted migrant in 1960 yet it was not until 21 years latter that he finally applied for citizenship. At that time Abbott was applying for a Rhodes scholarship, which stipulates that the applicant must be an Australian citizen.

Now a less generous person than myself might conclude that Tony Abbott is an economic migrant, a person who came to this country at the taxpayers expense and did not choose to become a citizen until it provided him with the opportunity to return to his country of birth and study at a prestigious university, again at someone else's expense. As I say, that's how a less generous person, like Abbott and his cohorts, might view it.

I'd just like to point out the consistency between this behaviour and the fact that Abbott has shown scant regard, if not complete contempt, for all institutions in this country apart from the British monarchy, the Murdoch press and the Catholic Church.

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