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Defending Our Way of Life

Last week while 800 police officers were engaged in the largest police raid in Australian history, the Gold Coast council voted 10 to 5 against the proposal to build a Mosque in Currumbin. A number of councillors who had originally supported the proposal said they had changed their vote after receiving death threats. One female councillor, Chris Robbins was also threatened with pack rape. Many of the threats were repeated or alluded to on the Facebook site “Stop the Mosque at Currumbin”, despite numerous complaints from Robbins and her lawyers, Facebook refused to remove the site during the campaign. Queensland police have now closed their investigation into the threats made against the Gold Coast councillors, no arrest have been made.

Last week’s raid resulted in 15 people being detained, two people have been charged, one of them with a terrorist offence. Omarjan Azari is accused of having a phone conversation during which he discussed kidnapping and murdering an Australian citizen. No evidence has so far appeared in court confirming that the Azari was planning to behead the victim draped in an ISIS flag, or of any planned attack on Parliament House, although both are being treated as established fact by the Government and media.

In the meantime mosques and Islamic groups in Australia have reported numerous bomb threats, death threats and threats of gang rape in the last 5 days. Most of the threats have come from anonymous cowards associating themselves with The Australian Defence League which continues to promote hatred and vilification towards all immigrants, in particular Muslims, on it Facebook site. No raids have taken place, no arrests have been made, and no opportunist politicians have called for this or other similar organisations to be banned.

Yesterday the Prime Minister predictably announced that fundamental freedom and rights in Australia are about to be curtailed by the government to “defend our way of life”. The so-called Opposition Leader intends to support these amendments. Life is about to become a lot harder for those who oppose this government, including people who believe that the rights and freedoms of a democratic society must be upheld whatever the threat. Meanwhile the terrorising of some Australian citizens continues to thrive.

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