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Congratulations Scott Morrison

"I reckon that the Human Rights Commission ought to be sending a note of congratulations to Scott Morrison saying 'Well done mate because your actions have been very good for the human rights and the human flourishing of thousands of people'."
- Tony Abbott 12/02/2015

Congratulations Scott Morrison.
Congratulations on achieving significantly higher rates of mental health disorders among children in immigration detention.
Congratulations on holding children for prolonged periods in remote detention centres despite the fact that you acknowledge it does not deter people from seeking asylum, your sole justification for detaining them.
Congratulations on denying the right of all children to education for over a year to those held on Christmas Island.
Congratulations for failing dismally to act in the best interests of unaccompanied children to whom the Minister for Immigration acts as legal guardian.
Congratulations on breaching the human rights of children by using force to transfer them to a different centre on Christmas Island.
Congratulations on the hundreds of reported incidents of assaults, sexual assaults and self-harm involving children in detention centres.
Congratulations on making at least 12 children born in immigration detention stateless, effectively denying their right to nationality and protection.
Congratulations on detaining dozens of children with physical and mental disabilities for prolonged periods.
Congratulations on detaining children of parents assessed as security risks for over two years without hope of release.
Congratulations on the hundreds of children who have been detained in Nauru under your regime suffering from extreme levels of physical, emotional, psychological and developmental distress.
Congratulations for advancing your political career by trampling the rights of children as young as newborns in pursuit of a three word slogan.
Congratulations to you and your pathetic peers for your flippant disregard of the Human Rights Commissioner's damning indictment of systematic child abuse perpetrated in our name.
Well done mate because your actions have demonstrated just how cruel, vindictive, small-minded, cowardly, deluded and dangerous the government has become.

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