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Comfortably adequate

"Comfortably adequate"
- Warren Truss, Acting Prime Minister Dec 9 - Dec 11, 2013.

The Who the Fuck is Warren Truss foundation is proud to have witnessed history in the making. Just 2 days ago the kid from Kingaroy rose from complete obscurity to the lofty office of acting prime minister.

With the safe return of Tony Abbott to our shores (Scott Morrison permitting), Warren has now returned to complete obscurity but he leaves behind a legacy few other acting prime ministers could, or would, hope to achieve.

These include:
- Authorising dredging and dumping in 3 million cubic metres of the Great Barrier Reef (he assures us the few million cubic metres surrounding the area will be fine),
- increasing Australia's old growth logging quota by 35% (45% MORE than experts recommended)
- pissing off what's left of the Australian automotive industry.
Like myself, I am sure you all look forward to Warren's next de-frosting and stint at the acting top job. Rumour has it he has plans for that unsightly rock at Uluru.

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