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Choose your own adventure

This week the government extended question time to protect its non-existent control over parliament, instead of voting for a Royal Commission into the very real abuse of people in disability care.

Also this week the government continued its scare campaign about the non-existent risk of retirees losing their franking credits while announcing plans to make further cuts to penalty rates, adding to the very real problem of slowing wage growth.

Farmers have been told that the government will be spending half a billion dollars on reopening Christmas Island detention centre to deal with the non-existent problem of increased boat arrivals instead of spending it on the very real problems caused by flooding in North Queensland.

That flooding can in part be attributed to the government spending two terms promoting non-existent “clean coal” instead of addressing the very real problem of climate change.

In that same time the government has spent billions on largely non-existent threats to Australia’s national security while nearly halving the small amount it spends on the very real problem of violence against women and children.

Having a government focused on non-existent problems has become a very real problem for Australia.

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