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The Buck Stops Here

So just to recap:

Bronwyn Bishop’s demise is the fault of the entitlements system.

The $35 billion budget deficit blowout under Hockey is the fault of the previous government.

Tony Abbott’s broken election promises are the fault of the Australian people for misinterpreting him.

Allegations of child abuse in immigration detention are the fault of a partisan Human Rights Commissioner.

The resignations of 12 State and Federal Liberal MPs following corruption investigations by ICAC were the fault of confusion over the ban on developer donations.

The defeat of LNP governments in Queensland and Victoria were the fault of unions.

Joe Hockey’s idiotic comments about poor people are the fault of the media misinterpreting them.

Christopher Pyne’s destruction of the education system is the fault of an obstructionist senate.

Rising house prices are the fault of foreign investors.

Rising unemployment is the fault of unemployed people not applying for enough jobs.

The lack of jobs being advertised is the fault of wages being too high.

Conditions in remote Indigenous communities are the fault of lifestyle choices.

The erosion of civil liberties in Australia is the fault of Islamic extremists.

And the buck stops with the Abbott Government.

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