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Breaking News: Riot in Canberra Detention Centre

A spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has confirmed that a riot is in progress at the Canberra Detention Centre. Some 123 detainees – mainly of Liberal and National Party origin – have caused significant damage to property as well as Australia’s international reputation.

According to unofficial reports from the Canberra Detention Centre, which lies midway between Sydney and Melbourne - the riot has caused significant damage to property, with the centre’s departments of Health, Education, Science, the Environment, Social Services and Indigenous Affairs being burnt to the ground.

The riot follows the release of figures showing detainees in Canberra cost taxpayers up to $2 million a year each in salaries and expenses. One detainee from North Sydney – who has since been deported to the USA - caused over $60 billion of damage during a rampage through the detention centre’s Treasury department in 2014/15.

The Immigration Department has confirmed that any detainees found to have taken part in the riots will be dealt with harshly.

“Once they have served their term in Canberra, detainees who are found to have caused damage to property will be deported to the first comfortable overseas posting that becomes available” the spokesperson said.

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