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Apology Pending

At some point in Australia’s future a prime minister will stand before parliament and deliver an apology for this shameful episode in Australia’s history. He or she (News Corp permitting) will talk of the abuse of children in detention, carried out in Australia’s name. They will express profound regret at the passing of laws that are an affront to human rights and the medical profession’s duty of care. They will judge harshly a succession of governments who viewed fear and prejudice as opportunities to be exploited, and oppositions whose weakness and cowardice enabled them, as a fundamental failing of our political system and the nation in general. They will shake their heads at an era when hatred and cruelty towards asylum seekers where celebrated as achievements by so called leaders on both sides of parliament.

Until that day this is the last opportunity you will have to read about the extent to which our country brutalises and terrorises innocent children for the sake of a three word slogan before the person telling you that story faces up to 2 years in prison for doing so.

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