Anti-capitalist Libertarian

I am anti-capitalist but I am Libertarian to the core as far as social values. People can literally do anything that is consensual and not hurting anyone and not only is it fine but it's also none of my business.

And people don't have to like what you like, and they don't have to partake in what you partake in. People are not obligated to be into you romantically or sexually and it's none of your business what someone else is into unless you are dating them.

People should be allowed to stay home all weekend and take strange drugs if they want to, and they should be allowed to stay home and study religions that we don't agree with, and people are not obligated to to be attracted to you even if you were getting along before getting naked or discussing anatomy....nobody is obligated or entitled, ever.

All that and I think the means of production should be freely accessible to everyone so that every single person can create and innovate, and I think everyone should have access to at least basic housing or have a chance to hometead, because the earth doesn't belong to any of us and it belongs to all of us. I think Democratic assembies and radical workers unions are great.

And I don't want to micro manage your life or tell you that you can't practice your religion or that you have to practice a religion, and I don't want to tell you who to sleep with or who not to sleep with. Each individual has the final say and it's not my business anyway unless we are dating.

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