Allah Defend New Zealand

In the seven days since the Christchurch terror attack, in New Zealand:

  • All semi automatic weapons have been banned
  • Non-Muslims have begun visiting mosques
  • Non-Muslim women have worn hijabs in solidarity with Muslims
  • The call to prayer has been broadcast on national media.

In Australia:

  • A neo-Nazi senator has blamed Muslims for the violence
  • That senator has attended a neo-Nazi meeting where he agreed with the shooter being described as “a young man taking up the fight”
  • A 17 year old boy cracking an egg on that senator's head had been called violent and compared by some to the violence that occurred in Christchurch
  • The deputy PM and Minister for Home Affairs have claimed that the Greens are as bad or worse than the neo-Nazi senator
  • The PM has threatened to sue Australian's highest profile Muslim journatllist for calling out his Islamophobia
  • The PM has also announced cuts to immigration.

God defend New Zealand from Australia advancing its fair.

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