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Remember Manolis Glezos

Do not forget.

An active participant of Greece's resistance to the Nazis, Glezos is best known for tearing down the Nazi flag from the Acropolis in 1941 as occupying German forces conquered Athens.

Twelve Rubbish "Experts" On COVID-19

Some of you may have come across a pieced entitled "12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic". And I'll give them some credit; they've actually found twelve people who, as they put it "contradict the official narratives of the MSM, and the memes so prevalent on social media". Ooh, so this is the alternative narrative, is it? When the weight of mainstream scientific opinion is up against twelve, perhaps we should give them equal consideration?

Reconciliation Week: 27th May to the 3rd of June.

27th May, the first day of Reconciliation Week, the day in 1967 when 90% of non-indigenous Australians (the highest number in referendum record) gave the Commonwealth power to legislate for indigenous Australians for the first time. Prior to this time, each Australian state and territory held this power, to deal with the ‘aboriginal problem’.

Unemployment Insurance vs Jobs

"[Several bozos] argued a proposal to add $600 per week to unemployment insurance for up to four months — a core provision of the near-final legislation — could encourage companies to lay off workers and Americans to stay unemployed. [They] filed an amendment to the bill Wednesday evening [which] says weekly unemployment aid may not 'exceed the amount of the individual’s average weekly wages for an appropriate period' prior to having received it."

CECL and Byelorussian

This is... not great. It's complex and technical, so I'll try to translate it into layman's terms.

After the 2008 financial crisis, the accounting community decided to make changes to how we measure things. The hope was that, by measuring things more accurately, we would make a future financial crisis less likely.

Give Everyone Money!

The economy is going to collapse. People are going to stay home, be unable to work, not be able to pay bills. We need a stimulus package to prevent a deflationary spiral. Policy analysts and legislators are now calling for a direct bailout (stimulus) for the people or an emergency temporary universal basic income (emergencyUBI). The gist of the plan is to give every adult American citizen $1000 per month as long as the crisis continues and possibly an additional $500 for children. There's several similar proposals on the table.

Infuriating Fur Claims

In 2005 a horrific video showed a raccoon dog clubbed, hung upside down, and then skinned. The skinned animal is then thrown on a pile to die.

UK Health Care System Broken

Overall a brilliant article; this quote especially sprang out at me:

Craig Kelly on Climate Change versus Fuel Load

Australia has its fair share of colourful politicians, and Craig Kelly is certainly one of those sufficiently colourful (in the yellow journalism sense) to be a frequent guest on Sky News, for example. After the 2019-2020 bushfires, he notoriously referred to Laura Tobin as an "ignorant Pommy weather girl" who had "no idea what she's talking about", despite her university degree in physics and meteorology. For his own part, Craig Kelly completed high school.


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