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An External Threat to Australia

There is at present an external threat to Australia and Australians. It goes by the name of ‘China’. The Morrison-led Coalition is gearing up for the 2022 federal election with a campaign reminiscent of the successful Menzies-led campaigns of the 1960s, the ‘Yellow Peril’ and ‘Reds Under the Bed’, which won him elections many times over, despite the economic conditions in the country at the time.

As a British colonial outpost, in a land violently taken from its people, Australia is insecure about its place in Asia. Are we worried we will have stolen what we have stolen ourselves?

Currently, we have the corporate-owned media fanning a general anti-Chinese sentiment in our community around the COVID-19 crisis and a desperate federal government looking for a ploy to win the next election in 2022. We witnessed the raiding this week of the office of NSW Upper House member Mr. Moslemane, under suspicion of harbouring ‘Chinese influence’. We are witnessing what it looks like when you have a fully politicised federal police force in its upper echelons, acting like an arm of the government.

We therefore have dog whistling on the one hand and a political program based on anti-Chinese sentiment on the other. A battle of racism and fear. It is an ironic state of affairs when you consider that Australian governments have, over the years, been involved in the very activities the current government is now accusing China of being involved in. All governments are.

Think about it. Think about how we are being manipulated as a people. Manipulated so that the corporate capitalist ideology can reign supreme in this land (private investment for private gain, at the expense of ordinary people). Manipulated so that the Morrison government can get re-elected in 2022. We’ve gone back to the 1960s. The 'Yellow Peril' is with us.