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Yang is what America Needs

I don't understand why folks on Social Security and Medicare support Trump, who has systematically conspired with other Republicans to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Congress borrowed against Social Security to bail out the uber-wealthy during the recession. Trump cut taxes for the uber-wealthy so that the wealthy don't have to pay back Social Security for the bailout. Trump's policy is designed to destroy Social Security.

Andrew Yang, on the other hand, is trying to expand both Social Security and Medicare. If you are on Social Security and use Medicare, under Yang's plan, you'd recieve an additional $1,000 per month and your healthcare options would be greatly expanded. Your medicine would be cheaper, your Medicare would cover more, and you'd have more options for seeking different kinds of treatment that might now be cost prohibitive.

And this isn't liberal or socialist nonsense. The plans and policies that Yang is running on were first designed and advocated by conservatives like Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, and Otto von Bismarck.

I agree a lot with Edmund Burke, not on religious matters but on the spirit of classical conservatism—revolution and insurrectionary violence are to be a last resort because suffering and death become inevitable. I agree with Milton Friedman and F. A. Hayek—universal healthcare and a universal minimum ought to be provided by modern society. These are not left-wing ideas. And the provision of such things is conservative, because it keeps socialism and revolution from being imposed by the irate masses. These views were once common to libertarians and conservatives on the right, just as much as to people on the left.

Andrew Yang isn't a leftist, but isn't a rightist either. He's a radical centrist. I disagree with certain parts of his platform, but it's far better than anything else on the market. Yang is a liberal and a conservative and a libertarian and a republican. This is what America needs.

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