Why don't we have land value tax?

Why don't we have land value tax? It's universally recognized as a good idea. It was advocated by the American Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. It was advocated by classical liberals like Adam Smith and John Locke. It was advocated by libertarians like Albert Jay Nock and Milton Friedman. It was advocated by the most important conservative thinkers, from Edmund Burke to William F. Buckley Jr. It was advocated by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the founder of modern anarchism, in "General Idea of the Revolution in the 19th Century." It was advocated by Marx and Engels—in fact, it was the first point in the platform put forth by "The Communist Manifesto.” It was advocated by Karl Hess, the co-founder of anarcho-capitalism. It is advocated by John Médaille, the leading voice of Distributism. Damn! It's the only thing in politics that is so universally agreed upon from far-right to far-left and everywhere in between. Since everyone who is anyone advocates it, y'all ought to seriously consider it.

"But in a system of well-divided property, a land tax is needed to ensure that the worker gets the full value of his work and to maintain the division of property. This is to say that Georgism requires Distributism for its implementation, while Distributism requires the land-tax, or else property will merely re-accumulate."—John Médaille ("Distributism and Henry Goerge")

John Médaille, the leading voice of Distributism, is both a proponent of Modern Money Theory (MMT) and Land Value Tax (LVT).

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