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Unemployment and the Economic State

A reminder that unemployment numbers are meaningless when it comes to the state of the economy.

Contrary to what President Dumbass says, the economy is doing terrible. The unemployment numbers are low because so many people gave up on finding decent employment. When you aren't looking for a job, you aren't considered "unemployed" for statistical purposes. Millions of displaced workers went on disability because they couldn't afford to live off the minimum wage alternative to manufacturing jobs. There is almost nowhere in America where a person making minimum wage can afford a modest one-bedroom apartment. ( Even if you could, there aren't nearly enough jobs to employ all the displaced workers. For many displaced manufacturing workers, welfare and crime were the only two viable options for supporting a family after the economy turned to shit. And, with all this talk about new jobs created, there's no mention of the fact that old jobs are being automated, outsourced, or eliminated much faster than new jobs are being created. The new jobs are fewer than the lost jobs.

"How do the 40 percent of displaced manufacturing workers who don’t find new jobs survive? The short answer is that many became destitute and applied for disability benefits. Disability rolls shot up starting in 2000, rising by 3.5 million, with the numbers increasing dramatically in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other manufacturing-heavy states. In Michigan, about half of the 310,000 residents who left the workforce between 2003 and 2013 went on disability. Many displaced manufacturing workers essentially entered a new underclass of government dependents who have been left behind."(

Wes Whitman, November 20

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