Turkish forces in Afrin

SYRIA UPDATE: Turkish ground forces have entered the Kurdish canton of Afrin, making minor headway in three locations in the north. There's also been heavy fighting in the south by Jandaris, but it sounds like they haven't made as much progress there. Turkish-aligned rebel groups are also attacking the canton from the east.

Turkey has the unbelievable gall to claim that it's countering ISIS in this operation. ISIS has no presence in Afrin, never has, and everyone knows it. Afrin is held by the Syrian Democratic Forces, who are one of the two main components of the anti-ISIS Coalition (the other being us). To add insult to injury, Turkey has named the invasion "Operation Olive Branch".

The US continues to founder ineffectually. Meanwhile, the actual leaders of the free world, the French, have called on Turkey to halt the operation, and have requested an emergency UN Security Council meeting.

No response so far by the main Kurdish forces in the east. If they choose to respond to Turkish aggression by launching a counteroffensive into Turkey, all hell will break loose.

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