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Truth has a strong liberal bias

The more you are informed and educated about the facts and the evidence, the more your views will align center-left. Not with the radical left, not with marxists and anarchists, but with social democrats, German neoliberals, and proponents of the "open society." It Is a fact that conservatives and right-wingers are generally uninformed about the matters on which they have the strongest opinions.

When I got out of high school, my views were a mixture of neoconservatism (big military, low tax, highly nationalistic patriotic conservatism), supply-side libertarianism (Milton Friedman and Reaganomics), and traditional conservatism (fundamentalist Christianity). I am now a third way radical centrist social democrat. I'm not a liberal educated elitist. I'm self-educated. I have no formal education and I don't need one. On issue after issue, I've found that the right is wrong when you look at the facts and evidence. When it comes to taxes, religion, abortion, transgender and queer existence, immigration, etc., the facts support a center-left conclusion. Facts and evidence don't support socialism, neoconservatism, or Trumpism. They do support center-left social democracy.

America's problem is that a lot of people are just ignorant of the relevant facts and evidence on a variety of issues (ethics, healthcare, abortion, economics, taxation, money, etc.) and therefore support a right-wing extremist position. This is especially true of people living outside of urban areas.

If all people were educated on the issues that matter, there would not be a single Trump supporter or admirer of Ronald Reagan in the world. This is not just my opinion. This is absolutely a fact! Go read some books before you vote, because your voting Republican is morally repugnant and socially destructive.

And also, the American Founding Fathers, like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, aligned with the "radical centrist" and "third way" center-left on issues like taxation, welfare, and social liberty. Being right-wing is a disgrace to your American heritage.

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