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Trumpty Dumpty had a big fall

Awe... Trumpty Dumpty is all butt hurt and upset that Michael Cohen secretly recorded him and handed over the recordings to the FBI. Crybaby snowflake! He's so precious with his temper tantrums on Twitter. But while he's ranting about this scandal, we now know that Trump told a Russian spy that he was willing to cooperate with Russia and that the NRA and John Bolton openly worked with a Russian spy (one who did not even try to conceal the fact that she works for Russia). Could there BE any more Trump scandals!?

Oh, and apparently the Russian goal was to create instability and chaos within the American government, which is why they made everything so obvious so that American investigators could easily see that Trump colluded and that Russian hackers and bots were all over. They didn't want Trump elected to improve American-Russian relations. They wanted Trump's scandals to exhaust American resources and destabilize the American State, that way the U. S. will be too pre-occupied to interfere in whatever land grabs and shady business Russia gets into. And, in the meantime, the U. S. President is in Putin's lap so that Russia has no checks on its absolute power.

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