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Trump's Virus

I've seen a LOT of people opining that Trump is faking his covid diagnosis. Here are a few points to consider:

1) This is extremely damaging for him. His brand is built on strength and manliness. Getting sick plays against that brand. It's especially damaging considering his high-profile refusal to take safety precautions. He's basically Darwin Awarded himself.

2) It's true that he's going to miss a debate, but he needs to win that debate in order to shake up the race. Not debating means continuing the status quo, and that status quo is that he's losing. Because he's quarantining, he won't even be able to campaign for the next two weeks. Taking two weeks off a presidential campaign in October is political suicide.

3) He's not the only one who got infected. There's an entire coronavirus outbreak happening at the senior levels of the GOP, including Trump, Melania, Hope Hicks, the RNC Chair, Sen. Mike Lee, and I think a few other people. It's hard to fake being contagious.

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