Trump's Positions on DACA

An incomplete chronological list of Trump's positions on DACA:

1) Supports DACA in spirit, but has concerns that it isn't enshrined in law.

2) Continues DACA.

3) Kills DACA, but gives Congress six months to find a legislative solution.

4) Undermines his own threat by hinting that he'll fix it himself if Congress doesn't.

5) Privately commits to a clean Dream Act.

6) Publicly promises to sign whatever Congress agrees on without making demands of his own.

7) Demands funding for the wall.

8) Kills a bipartisan deal that would trade DACA (which he wants) for the wall (which he wants).

9) Threatens to veto the omnibus spending bill because it doesn't include DACA or the wall.

10) Signs the omnibus spending bill without DACA or the wall.

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