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Trump's Military Disaster

Trump's decision to ignore his military advisors and withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan is a disastrous proposal. ISIS will regroup and come back in full force, Christians and Kurds in the Middle East will be slaughtered, and Islamic extremism will rule the Middle East perpetually. Trump bowed to Erdogan's will and agreed to withdraw troops. Erdogan is a supporter of Islamic terrorism and racist Arab nationalism. The only reason he wants America to withdraw from the region is so that Turkey can resume its genocide against the Kurds, which was halted when the U.S. allied with the Kurdish fighters. There will now be systematic violence against religious and ethnic minorities throughout the region, and the abuses of Assad and Erdogan will go unchecked, as they systematically wipe out their opposition. In reality, the YPJ/YPG were the only secular and democratic movement in the region and the only people actually on the ground fighting ISIS.

We shouldn't be withdrawing. The United States ought to be promoting democracy and confederalism as THE solution for the Middle East and throwing all of our support behind that. The model in Rojava is remarkably similar to the ward republic confederalism of Thomas Jefferson. We should be promoting bottom-up democracy in the region and using our military strength to protect such movements. We could feasibly establish peace in the Middle East. The assembly democracy and confederalism approach could be applied in Afghanistan too, and establishment of peoples militias with U. S. support could allow Afghanistan to become a peaceful and democratic place, where its own citizens govern themselves and are well-equipped to fight off the Taliban and other terrorist elements.

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