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Trump Taxing the Middle Class

Trump's tariffs are a tax on middle class American consumers. The price of RC cola has risen 30% since the imposition of Trump's idiotic tariffs. For as long as I can remember, it was 99 cents. Now, it increased directly in proportion to Trump's tariffs. The same can be shown for countless other products. It is a tax on the average American that somewhat offsets the tax breaks Trump gave to the uber-wealthy. He's raised taxes on all the folks that voted for him. To make matters worse, the tariffs are designed to force China to liberalize economically, which will in the long run help China outcompete America economically.

Listen, I get that you don't understand economics or science, but can y'all not impose your ignorance on the rest of us. Tariffs are always bad policy. If you don't understand science and economics, either educate yourself or don't vote.

The President is an incompetent, immoral, idiot. His policies harm people and only benefit the uber-wealthy. The only way you can support Trump and the Republican Party is if you are deliberately being willfully ignorant. It is immoral to support either the Trump Administration or the current Republican Party. This needs to be said. Conservatives just need to stop being bad people because the reality is that people that watch Fox News, support Trump, and vote Republican are everything that is wrong with America. I realize this sort of language doesn't change minds, but I can't think of a nice way to say "y'all are being ignorant and immoral, so please stop it."

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