Tribune of the Plebs

"Mr Turnbull said Mr Shorten was a "would-be tribute of the people" and accused him of rising to prominence by networking with prominent Melbourne businessmen like Richard Pratt."

OK, allowing for the ignorance of the reporter, who is probably doing the best he can without a Classical education, am I right that Turnbull's greatest insult to the leader of the Labor party is that he's a Tribunis Plebis, a "Tribune of the Plebs"?

Does he realise that the highest office open to non-noble Romans, the office which was a check on the aristocracy on behalf of the everyday Romans, is what he's just used as an insult?

And this being in his own defence against charges of being too much of a multi-millionaire Tory to be able to know what most Australians think. Alongside the also awesome defence of "you're just saying that because you're jealous that you don't live in a mansion overlooking the Harbour."

Let me paraphrase Turnbull's argument: Shut up you fucking proles, and get back in your place. We will tell you how this country works, because that's our right. You will do what you're told by your betters.

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