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Tiocfaidh ár lá!

This is going to rattle the establishment a bit.

With 96% of first-preference votes tallied on Sunday, Sinn Féin had 24.1%, with Fianna Fáil on 22.1%, Fine Gael on 22.1%, Greens on 7.4%, and small leftwing parties and independents comprising the rest.

Well, this is going to be awkward. If a government fails to form and Ireland goes back to the polls, there's a predicted 10% swing to SF with FG and FF being the main losers.

Ireland, Amárach Research poll:

Scenario: Government formation fails

SF-LEFT: 35% (+10)
FG-EPP: 18% (-3)
FF-RE: 17% (-5)
GREEN-Greens/EFA: 9% (+2)
SOCDEM-S&D: 5% (+2)
LAB-S&D: 3% (-1)

+/- vs. 8 February election

Fieldwork: 16 February 2020
Sample size: 1,040