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Tell Mentos maker Perfetti van Melle to stop using child labour in Bangladesh!

Netherlands-based Perfetti van Melle, maker of Mentos and Chupa Chups, calls itself the third-largest global confectionery company. Child labourers come and go at the company’s factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh. They disappear during inspections, only to reappear once the inspections have ended.

When the PVM Union representing workers at the factory called on management to end the use of child labour, Rahat Corporation thugs physically assaulted union members ( at the factory while PvM management stood by.

Despite numerous calls by the PVM Union and the IUF to end child labour at the Gazipur factory and remedy the harm done to the children, there were around 25 children between 12 and 17 years old working in the factory as of August 2019. PvM continues to contract with the services and labour provider supplying these children - Rahat Corporation.

Sign the petition calling on Perfetti van Melle to agree to measures with the IUF and the PVM Union to end the use of child labour at their Gazipur factory and to remedy the harm caused to the child labourers.

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