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Teaching Union Rights in the Philippines

We have received an urgent update from the Education International -- please read on

Despite international solidarity, human and trade union rights abuses continue in the Philippines. The red-tagging and vilification campaign targeting members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers is escalating, with support from the Department of Education of the Duterte regime.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) reports renewed attacks on its members.

Two ACT regional leaders face new fabricated charges of child abuse and human trafficking intended to silence them.

On 3 February an arrest warrant was issued for one of ACT's regional presidents.

In addition, the police continues to profile ACT members, with a new case recorded on 14 February in Bataan province, Region 3.

The names of ACT leaders in the province were listed in a confidential memorandum of the Philippine National Police.

We must mobilise to stop these attacks now.

Please sign up to support our campaign:

If you have already signed up, please share this with your colleagues and help us increase the pressure on the Duterte regime until human and trade union rights are
respected throughout the Philippines.

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