Tadif Calling

FINALLY. This is how you take a city, at least in this scenario. You encircle it. Notice how, for months, the Turks tried full frontal assault after full frontal assault, and each time, ISIS, just sat there and killed them. Then the Turks move on Bzaa (the northern prong), and Assad gains fire control over the supply route from the south (that's the other prong), and all the Daesh in their snipers nests realize they're about to get cut off and high tail it back to Raqqa.

This should not have taken four months. The fact that it did, and that Assad was the one who completed the encirclement, reinforces my suspicion that the Turks were ordered not to go south of al-Bab.

I wonder if, after al-Bab falls, Assad will move directly toward Idlib, or if he'll continue pushing ISIS around while the rebels get ready to turn on each other.

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