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Syria Update: Feb 2020, Part II

SYRIA UPDATE: Turkey is now basically at war with Assad, and it's moving in the direction of war with Russia (though I doubt that it will get that far).

Some quick background: The Assad regime has essentially taken control of all of Syria except for Idlib province, which is held by Turkish-backed rebels. Earlier this year, the regime began a major military operation to capture the M5 road, which is the most important transportation route in Idlib province, and would enable them to move on Idlib City. The operation was successful, and they captured the road and the cities that lie along it. This includes Saraqib, which is at the junction of the M5 and the M4 and is the post strategically important place in Idlib at the moment.

At some point in the last day or so, Turkey and the rebels launched a counter-attack and re-took Saraqib. This was a major setback for the regime. The regime and Russia responded with massive aerial bombardment, which killed 33 Turkish soldiers and wounded a bunch more. Turkey responded with another offensive that retook even more land. Now things are primed to potentially explode.

I've been insanely busy lately, so I don't have time for any more analysis. But be aware that this is happening.

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