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Syria Update: Collapsing ISIS

OK, so I'm back from vacation, and just starting to get caught up on what I missed. It looks like the big things are as follows:

• ISIS collapsed in those pockets between Palmyra and Aleppo, as expected. This doesn't really get the regime much in terms of manpower, resources, or tax base, but it does dramatically shorten their front line. It also looks very impressive on the map.
• Tel Afar fell, again as expected, but surprisingly quickly. At a glance, it looks like ISIS mostly withdrew from the city, probably so they could hightail it back to Syria.
• The Kurds took a little more territory in Raqqa, but progress is still extremely slow.
• HTS sat around playing video games all day or something.
• The Southern Front continues to be Syria's least active major power.
• Marawi in the Philippines still hasn't been secured.
• That watermelon seller Erdogan is still a douche canoe.

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