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Syria Update: Aleppo and Mabij

SYRIA UPDATE: The last rebel supply route to Aleppo (the green line on the map) has been cut. The rebels are gathering for a massive offensive to establish a new supply line in the south by punching through the regime's supply line. I'm skeptical that this will work, but you never know. It also sounds like the Kurds are going to be launching an offensive to establish a supply line between Afrin and Aleppo. Two important regime villages lie along that road, so I'm not sure what that would look like in practice.

Elsewhere, ISIS's attempt to break the siege of Manbij has failed, and the Kurds are pushing through the city. It looks like they'll probably be successful in taking yet another city from ISIS.

In Iraq, it looks like the army has not only learned how to fight, but also how to use social media:

The current offensive isn't against either of the places I was expecting (Hawija or Shirqat), but rather against Qiyyarah, which is just north of Shirqat. It looks like they're trying to box off a fairly large pocket in Hawija and Shirqat before clearing them out. Good move.

In Libya, this is happening. I blame Clinton.

I almost forgot, the New Syrian Army, which tried to capture a major city from ISIS last week as though they were some kind of major military power, is skirmishing with ISIS in Anbar, which is a much more realistic course of action. It does look as though they're solidifying their presence in the mostly empty desert, which is better than expected.

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