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Swedish Economic Figures and Swedish Propertarians

Sometime ago I encountered a Swedish propertarian, who was horrified at the level of his country's national debt, and citing the number exclaimed:

Haha this is swedens national debt. But you are probably a "an"com that doesn't understand economics XD

Well I might only have a modicum of knowledge of economics, but I know the difference between gross public debt and net public debt. Here's how the rest of the conversation went.

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Japan has a national debt of 234% of their GDP. Singapore 111%. France 96.5%, the UK 92.2%, the US 73.8%, Germany 69,0%, Australia 46.1%... Sweden 41.4%.

Not that an Ancomm like myself would know about these things, right?

And one more thing. Sweden's public debt as a percentage of GDP has *declined* over time.

From 69.5% (1995), to 50.7% (2000), to 48.6 (2005), to 38.3% (2010), and and has risen slightly to 41% in 2016.

Oh, and should I follow up by mentioning that Sweden has NEGATIVE net public debt as a portion of GDP?

Sweden -17.632%
Japan is at 134%
United States 88%
France 84%
UK 83%
Germany 57%
Australia 17%

First figures, CIA World Factbook 2016, second set IMF 2012/2016

Kind of funny that after condemning AnComms for their knowledge of economics, to be schooled from an AnComm from the other side of the planet on your own economic situation.
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