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Support Trump? History won't forgive you

Donald Trump committed tax fraud, insurance fraud, financial fraud, and helped the mafia launder money (this was all easy to find out before he ever ran for President). His taxes and financial statements will prove this. Congress issued a subpoena for his taxes and Trump told the IRS to refuse to comply with a Congressional subpoena. That is clear obstruction of justice! Congress issued a subpoena for former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress. Trump told McGahn to refuse to comply because he doesn't think Congress has the authority to investigate the President and his conduct. Legally, Congress has this authority. Trump is clearly obstructing justice and breaking the law! This is also eroding the rule of law. If Trump is allowed to get away with this, it means no future President can ever be held accountable for anything.

If you are on the right, imagine Obama without any restraints. Obama treaded a line because he knew he could be impeached and held accountable by Congress. He had a whole team of lawyers to ensure he didn't get himself impeached. Imagine what he would have gotten away with if he had had no fear of oversight or being held accountable.

You supporting Trump right now is helping to guarantee that future presidents can't be held accountable. It will guarantee that when a legit socialist is elected and decides to throw out the Constitution and overhaul the whole system, there will be no mechanism in place to prevent them from doing so. Trump supporters and the Republican Party are now the biggest threat this country has ever faced and they are ruining this country. If you are not standing in opposition to Trump and the Republican Party, you should be ashamed of yourself and you should know that you are helping to contribute to the collapse of the Republic. You were duped and history will forgive you for that, but history won't forgive you for digging your feet in and refusing to do the right thing now.

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