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Stop Pretending that Trump Isn't A Fascist

The President is a tax-evading, money-laundering, mafia-owned, fascist sexual predator who bragged about walking in on nude underage girls in the dressing room, and he has not one single redeeming quality. Children are dying in concentration camps because they're being denied access to soap and water. And the President is defending these "detainment" practices. Let's stop pretending that supporting Trump is not equivalent to supporting Mussolini or Hitler. Supporting Trump (or, at this point, even the Republican Party that is enabling him and refusing to stand up to him) absolutely does make you a bad person. It is rationally and ethically indefensible and you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. YOU are everything that is wrong with America.

The defining characteristics of the Trump regime are the running of concentration camps, spreading of racist rhetoric, and inciting of violence against liberals and people of color. The President has bragged about sexually assaulting women, openly bragged about walking in on nude underage girls at beauty pageants; committed bank fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud, and helped the mafia launder money through his casinos; has several close associates who sex-trafficked underage girls, etc. Etc. Etc. The President has no redeeming qualities. His immigration policy (concentration camp + build a wall) ignores the fact that most illegal immigration results from visa overstay, not from illegal border crossing. He has routinely demonized refugees and asylees. His economic policy (large tariffs alongside tax cuts for the wealthy) are the same policy blunders that led to the Great Depression. Supporting this President and his political party is the moral equivalent of supporting Stalin, Mussolini, or Hitler.

And before anyone gets offended and posts their butthurt comments, let me just say shut the fuck up snowflakes. Modern so-called conservatism is about being offensive for offensiveness sake, about being against "cultural marxism" (code for being a decent human being). Any argument from morality or human decency coming from the Trump side is manifest hypocrisy. If you ain't criticizing fascists, you don't have any moral highground to lecture me on politeness or ethics.

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