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Spies: Maria Butina and David Keene

Maria Butina being a Russian spy was not at all a secret. Her handler was Alexander Torshin, a Russian senator and member of Putin's party. David Keene, former president of the NRA and current board member, bragged about hosting the Russian senator at multiple NRA annual meetings. Keene received money from a Russian gun group associated with Butina. The NRA apparently took money from Russian oligarchs. Keene, who was conspiring with Russia and working with a Russian spy (Butina) and a Russian senator (Torshin), collaborated with John Bolton of the Trump Administration in order to boost Trump's favor with the Russian government. In early 2016, Torshin, the Russian senator, openly Tweeted that Maria Butina (the Russian spy) had told him that Trump, who is also an NRA member who attends the NRA annual meetings, had informed her that he was willing to cooperate with Russia.

If you don't think that Russian collusion is a thing, shut the fuck up. Donald Trump basically told a Russian spy that he was willing to cooperate with Russia. And this was not a secret Russian spy. This woman openly worked for the Russian government and brought her handler with her to NRA meetings.

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